frequently asked questions

How many fittings will I have to schedule?

Depending on how much you want altered, the number of fittings can vary. If there isn't very much altering to do on the dress usually two fittings is enough. On average brides have three fittings to make sure everything is fixed to their specifications.

Is there parking around the store?

There is not a parking lot designated for Wee Scotty, so please make sure you plan time to find parking on a busy street in San Francisco. Typically takes around 10-15 minutes to find parking. There is metered parking out front, and free parking along nearby sidestreets.

How long are consulations and fittings?

Consultations and fittings are 40 minutes long. Because fittings are only 40 minutes, promptness is very important so please schedule your fittings at times when there won't be any conflicts.

How much is pressing?

If you have had your dress altered with us, we will have our experts press your dress at the discounted rate of $95. If we have not worked on your dress and you are coming to stay in San Francisco, we offer pressing services starting at $300 and up.

How far in advance should I book my first appointment?

Your first appointment should be booked at a minimum of 8 weeks before your departure date for your wedding.

What forms of payment does Wee Scotty accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, checks, and cash.

How do I book my first appointment?

You can book your appointment through

How do I book my second and third fittings?

Your second and third fittings are scheduled after your first fitting/consultation.

How much do veils cost?

We can make a veil to go with your dress for $125-175.

Can I book an appointment with less than 8 weeks till my wedding?

Yes, but you will need to ensure extra flexibility and rates are 10% more.

Estimates and Pricing?

Please refer to store policy page.